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Rocket Krunch

Vegan Martian Mallows Freeze Dried Candy, 5 oz (142 G)

Vegan Martian Mallows Freeze Dried Candy, 5 oz (142 G)

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Rocket Krunch Martian Mallows are super crunchy, freeze-dried marshmallows that are out-of-this-world delicious. Unlike regular marshmallows, these are vegan-friendly and won't melt or get mushy. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or topping your hot cocoa.  This 5 oz bag is full of astronaut-approved treats, share with friends or keep it all to yourself!  Fuel your next adventure with Rocket Krunch Martian Mallows Freeze Dried Candy!

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"The candy is packaged nice and taste’s fresh. I would recommend it!!"



"Very crunchy would eat OVER AND OVER"



"Super good I like to suck on them for long to make them soft then nom nom"



"I love these freeze dried mini starburst so much! They have the perfect amount of sweetness and the crunch is absolutely delicious. You should most definitely try them 😁😁"



"I love your product so much they’re so good."