Mission Statement

At Rocket Krunch, our mission is fueled by passion, dedication, and hard work to ignite joy and satisfaction in every customer. Our amazing and innovative team is committed to crafting quality products that tantalize taste buds and launches your experience beyond expectations. With a relentless focus on excellence, we provide unparalleled customer service, lightning-fast shipping, and strive to ensure every interaction is as delightful as our treats. Join us as we soar to new heights of delight and make every moment a blast.

About Rocket Krunch!

Embark on a sweet journey with us at Rocket Krunch! It all started a few years ago when we ventured into freeze-drying with a simple goal: to create wholesome, long-lasting treats for our family's busy lifestyle. Little did we know, our daughter's suggestion to dive into the world of candy-making would ignite a passion within us like never before.

Filled with excitement, we decided to leap out of retirement and launch Rocket Krunch! Papa brings to the table extensive expertise in food safety, having overseen operations at a national company with a colossal 150,000 square foot warehouse in Fullerton, CA. Meanwhile, Mrs. Papa's background in running preschools adds a touch of nurturing care to our endeavors.

Here at Rocket Krunch, crafting delightful treats isn't just a business – it's a joyous adventure. We're on a mission to spread smiles and happiness, one delicious "krunch" at a time. Join us as we whip up magic in our kitchen and delight taste buds across America.